Modification Of Differential Lock For VTD.

Diff Lock Mod for VTD:

This mod is for a Multi-Plate Transfer (MPT) to Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) swap exploitation either simply the transfer case or the complete 4EAT-VTD transmission. It removes management of the VTD clutch pack from the TCU, employing a switch instead. Like AN cross-country 4 wheel drive vehicle, the “center-diff-lock switch” is meant just for use in low traction conditions, like snow or mud.


The original 4EAT-MPT unsuccessful in my '07 disturbance Ltd. at 113,000 miles. tho' I actually have nonetheless to dismantle it, it had been a ruinous failure below traditional driving conditions that took out the complete transmission with metal shards/fragments. I think it had been the MPT transfer case that unsuccessfulhoweverI will be able to ensure that upon completion of the autopsy.
Modification Of Differential Lock For VTD.
Locking Differential.
The 4EAT-MPT was being replaced by a low-mileage 4EAT-VTD from a '07 Forester Sports. As I actually have reportable in my journal, I actually have found the VTD to be a significant improvement over the MPT. the sole issue is that with the MPT TCU, the FWD fuse should stay in situ to avoid improper protection of the VTD clutch pack and error codes thanks to the VTD having a unique rear shaft speed detector. Of course, the VTD transfer case offers true full-time AWD with its cogwheel set, therefore, the clutch pack isn't required to send power to the rear wheels as long as all wheels have equal traction. However, the VTD is AN open differential, which means that if traction is lost within the front, no power is sent rearward. this can be once the VTD clutch pack is required, to lock the front and rear shafts along exploitation the center-diff-lock switch.

Though putting in a switch to get rid of management of the clutch pack from the TCU and management it manually may be a comparatively simple task, I had a couple of requirements;

I need the switch close to the shifter, wherever my hand spends tons of your timethe thought is to be ready to engage/disengage the lock quickly and simply while not having to look/reach for it.

like a switch that's easy-to-reach nonetheless unassertive esthetically

I am involved regarding fortuitous switch activation, therefore beside being simple to achieve it conjointly should be out of the manner of things that area unit commonly placed on or around the console space and out of the manner of traditional driver/passenger activity

need easy-to-see (under all conditions) visual indicators once the lock is engaged so if it will become accidentally activatedI will be able to apprehend in real time however nonetheless will not be distracting once on purpose activated


The switch puzzled out of course and therefore the VTD clutch pack locks once the switch is engaged. Photos below of the shifter-mounted switch and therefore the 4 wheel drive LOCK indicator lightweightelements used and wiring/installation information in separate posts below;

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For Information About Manual Differential Lock Modification watches the video below:

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