Applications of Center differential with mechanical lock.

Center differential with mechanical lock

  1. Alfa Romeo 164 Q4 (Torsen rear differential, epicyclic unit-central, viscous coupling).
  2. Volkswagen Touareg double pinion with lockup clutch pack.
  3. Hummer H2, H3 40/60 planetary with the lock.
  4. Toyota Land Cruiser.
  5. Audi Q7 double pinion with lockup clutch pack.
  6. BMW 3 series, 5 series in the 1980s planetary center differential with a 37-63 (front-back) torque split and viscous lock (also in rear differential but not front differential).
  7. Chevrolet Rounded-Line K FleetsideK StepsideK Blazer, and K Suburban - permanent four-wheel drive two-speed New Process 203 transfer case, center differential with 50:50 torque split and lock. Eaton-Automatic Differential Lock was optional for the hypoid rear differential.
  8. Ford - Escort, Sierra, and Granada 4×4 models, Sierra Cosworth (RS 2000 16v 4×4 models and RS Cosworth).
  9. Dodge Power Wagon - permanent four-wheel drive two-speed New Process 203 transfer case, center differential with 50:50 torque split and lock (1974-1979).
  10. Ford Expedition and Expedition EL/Max (2007–present) - automatic ControlTrac four-wheel drive with two-speed dual range BorgWarner transfer case and intelligent locking center multi-disc differential.
  11. Mercedes Benz G Class (locking-center and lockers in both front and rear axle).
  12. Lada Niva full-time 4WD using open differential. Transfer case with high and low range and manual central diff-lock. The Low range selectable provides locked or unlocked mode, allowing use on pavement.
  13. GMC Rounded-Line K WidesideK Jimmy, K Fenderside and K Suburban - permanent four-wheel drive two-speed New Process 203 transfer case, center planetary differential with 50:50 torque split and lock. An Eaton-Automatic Differential Lock was optional for the rear differential.
  14. Humvee NVG 242HD open center differential, Neutral, locked center differential, low range locked. Also Torsen-differential at the front and rear axle, The H1 moved to Torsen2 when ABS added to it. The H1 Alpha had optional locking differentials in place of horses.
  15. Navigator(2007 present) use one-speed transfer case with single range, no reduction gearing.
  16. Jeep Cherokee, Commander (models equipped with Quadra-Trac).
  17. Jeep Liberty, Dodge Durango (Select-Trac), Jeep Cherokee (XJ), NV 242 transfer case- rear drive, center differential, locked center differential, Neutral, low range
  18. Full-size Jeeps with 50/50 locked center differentialBorg-Warner Quadra limited-slip center differential. The low range could be used in locked or unlocked mode, allowing for use of low range on the pavement.
  19. Land Rover Defender (and Series III V8 models).
  20. Land Rover Discovery/LR3.
  21. Land Rover Freelander.
  22. Alfa Romeo 155Q4 (central epicyclic unit, Torsen rear differential, and Ferguson viscous coupling ).
  23. Lexus RX300 viscous coupling or otherwise open center differential.
  24. Lincoln Navigator automatic Traction Control, four-wheel drive with 2-speed dual range BorgWarner transfer case and intelligent and locking center multi-disc differential (1998–2006).
  25. Ford F-Series permanent 4-wheel drive (1974-1979) two-speed and New Process 203 transfer case, center differential with torque split and lock.
  26. Mercedes Benz Unimog (locking center differential with up to 10 low range gears).
  27. Porsche Cayenne 38/62 planetary differential with lockup clutch pack.
  28. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class - 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.
  29. Mitsubishi Pajero (also known as Montero or Shogun).
  30. Range Rover Classic all full-time 4WD either plate LSD, manual lock or Ferguson viscous center differential.
  31. Subaru manual transmissions with 50/50 viscous-type center differential performance models include a planetary geared differential with computer regulated lockup automatic transmission models with an electronically controlled variable transfer clutch.
  32. Range Rover 2nd Gen. 1994–2002 full-time 4WD Ferguson viscous center differential.
  33. Suzuki Grand Vitara full-time 4WD using limited-slip center differential, off-road 4WD with selectable center differential lock and low range transfer case 4 mode (4l n, 4h lock,4h), traction and electronic stability control (2005 and later models, excepting the XL-7).
  34. Ford Explorer automatic ControlTrac four-wheel drive with two-speed dual range BorgWarner transfer case and intelligent locking center multi-disc differential.
  35. AMC Eagle (central viscous coupling).
  36. Toyota Sequoia (Multi-mode).
  37. Audi Quattro CoupĂ©, 80, 90 (locking center and rear differentials) up to 1988.
    Applications of Center differential with mechanical lock.
     Center differential.

Torsen center differential

  1.       Bentley Continental GTBentley Continental Torsen T-2 with Flying Spur, current have T-3.
  2.       Audi Quattro with various iterations of Torsen, T-3 starting from the 2007 B7 RS4.
  3.       BreraSpider 100 & 200.
  4.       Toyota 4Runner Torsen T-3 with a lock(only Limited V8 model & 2010 Limited V6 model).
  5.       A5 & S5.
  6.       Q5, Q7.
  7.       A8S8.
  8.       Volkswagen Phaeton Torsen T-2.
  9.       A6S6RS6.
  10.       Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Torsen T-3.
  11.       A4S4RS4.
  12.       Range Rover 3rd Gen. 2002–2009.
  13.       Volkswagen Passat Torsen T-2 (latest B6 model with transverse engine).
  14.       Toyota FJ Cruiser Torsen T-3 with a lock(only manual models).
  15.       Toyota Hilux Surf Torsen T-3 with a lock.
  16.       Lexus GX470, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 Torsen T-3.
  17.       Toyota Land Cruiser 200/2008/V8 Torsen T-3 with a lock.
  18.       Volkswagen Passenger Cars with 4motion.
  19.       80, 90 & CoupĂ© (Type 89).
  20.       Toyota Sequoia ( 2005-07 Models).

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