Differential Trouble Shooting.

1. Noisy Differential:

  • Les lubricating oil in the differential housing.
  • Low viscosity lubricating oil or use of poor quality lubricating oil.
  • Wrong adjustment of the crown wheel and pinion teeth.
  • Wrong out hub bearing.
  • Worn out or broken teeth of a crown wheel or pinion.
  • Less backlash of crown wheel and pinion teeth.
  • Worn out the bearing of crown wheel or pinion.
  • Crown wheel misaligned on the cage.
  • Loose star pinion.
  • broken or worn out thrust washer of star pinion or sun pinion.

2. The vehicle does not move when put in gear:

  • Broken propeller shaft.
  • Broken axle shaft.
  • Broken pinion flange kye.
  • Broken teeth of crown wheel and pinion.
  • Broken cross or star pinion.

Differential Trouble Shooting.
A sectional view of Differential.

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To understand Trouble Shooting watch the video below:

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