Differential Parts.

Differential Parts:

The differential is a device that provides relative movement to the two wheels of a vehicle.
It consists of so many parts such as:

Differential Parts.
  1. Differential case.
  2. Crown wheel.
  3. Bevel pinion.
  4. Planet pinion.
  5. Sun gear.
  6. Half shaft.
  7. Cross pin or spider.
  8. Pinion shaft retaining Bolt or roll pin.
  9. Yoke.
  10. Cage.
  11. Thrust washer.
  12. Bearing cap.
  13. Backplate or differential case cover.

backplate,Differential Parts.
Bevel Pinion and Crown wheel.
Bevel Pinion and Crown wheel.

All these parts have a unique operation and they work together to provide relative motion to the wheels according to the road.

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