Types of car Differential.

Automotive differential:

The drive gear a pair of is mounted on the carrier five that supports the planetary bevel gears four that interact the driven bevel gears three attached to the axles one.
The drive shaft enters from the front and also the driven axles run left and right.
In vehicles and different wheeled vehicles, the differential permits the outer drive wheel to rotate quicker than the inner drive wheel throughout a flip. this is often necessary once the vehicle turns, creating the wheel that's traveling around the outside of the turning curve roll farther and quicker than the opposite. the common of the motility speed of the 2 driving wheels equals the input rotational speed of the drive shaft. arise within the speed of 1 wheel is balanced by a decrease within the speed of the opposite.
There are mainly six types of differentials used in a vehicle:

Types of car Differential.

Types of  Differential

  1. Open differential. 
  2. Limited-slip Differential. 
  3. Electronically Controlled Limited-slip Differential. 
  4. Self-locking differential. 
  5. Torque-vectoring Differential. 
  6. Epicyclic differential. 
To know how Differential works and types of differential watch the video below:

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